EEO Resource Guide 2008

EEO Resource Guide 2007

EEO Instruction Form

POS 72 - Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law

EEO Attorney's Names and Phone Numbers

Powerpoint on REDRESS




National Reassessment Program

McConnell Settlement


National Reassessment Program Class Action Lawsuit

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Applying Performance and Conduct Standards To Employees With Disabilities

Link to information on EEO and Workers Comp

Frequently Asked Questions About The Federal Sector Hearing Process

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IMPORTANT: You MUST contact the EEO Office at (888) 336-8777 if you want to file a (EEO) complaint. Click POS 72 for proper procedures on how to file an EEO complaint. Please DO NOT skip this process.




PS Form 2563-A - Certification of Receipt ó Publication 133

PS Form 2564-B - EEO Settlement Agreement Pre-Complaint

PS Form 2565 - EEO Complaint of Discrimination in the Postal Service

PS Form 2565-A - Withdrawal of Formal EEO Complaint of Discrimination

PS Form 2565-B - EEO Settlement Agreement

PS Form 2565-C - Agreement to Extend 180-Day EEO Investigative Process

PS Form 2565-F - EEO Settlement Agreement (Including Claims Filed Under ADEA)

PS Form 2566 - EEO Complaint Data Entry

PS Form 2567-A - Agreement to Extend 30-Day EEO Counseling Process

PS Form 2567-B - Agreement to Participate in REDRESS, an Alternate Dispute Resolution Process

PS Form 2568-A - EEO Investigative Affidavit (Complainant)

PS Form 2568-B - EEO Investigative Affidavit (Witness)

PS Form 2569 - EEO Investigative Affidavit (Continuation Sheet)

PS Form 2570 - EEO Dispute Resolution Specialistís (DRS) Inquiry Report


EEO MD-715 Policies/Written Program Compliance Checklist San Francisco District FY 09

EEO MD-715 Policies/Written Program Compliance Checklist San Francisco District FY 08

EEO Policy Statement (May 1, 2008)

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment Policy Statement (Head Quarters EEO Policy - December 13, 2001)

No FEAR Act Notice