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Handbook F-101 - Field Accounting Procedures (October 2009)

Handbook PO-702 - Tort Claims Administration (Updated with Revisions Through December 18, 2008). This revised edition of Handbook PO-702, Tort Claims Administration, updates the policy and procedures for investigating, handling documentation, and processing claims pertaining to accidents, both vehicular and non-vehicular, that could result in tort claims. This handbook replaces the June 1992 edition.

Handbook PO 460 - Domestic Originating International Mail (October 2003)

Handbook F-75 - Data Collection User’s Guide for Revenue, Volume, and Performance (October 2003)

Handbook RE-4 - Standards for Facility Accessibility (March 2005)

Handbook RE-5 - Building and Site Security Requirements (March 2001)

Handbook AS-805 - Information Security (Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through November 23, 2006)

Handbook AS-805-A - Application Information Security Assurance (ISA) Process (July 2003)

Handbook AS-805-B - Infrastructure Information Security Assurance (ISA) (March 2005)

Handbook AS 805-C - Information Security for General Users (May 2007)

Handbook AS-805-D - Information Security Network Connectivity Process (Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through July 6, 2006)

Handbook AS-805-G - Information Security for Mail Processing-Mail Handling (March 2004)

Handbook AS-709 - Purchase Card Policies and Procedures for Local Buying (September 2008)

Handbook AS-554-C - Vehicle Washing Technologies (March 1998)

VOYAGER FLEET CARD Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (Updated May 4, 2009)

Growth Management Tool - User's Guide (November 2008)

POM - Postal Operations Manual (Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through December 18, 2008)

DMM Quick Service Guides 300 (Effective July 1, 2009)

IMM - International Mail Manual (Issue 36 - May 11, 2009)

Handbook M-32 - Management Operating Data System (MODS) - March 2009

Handbook F-8 - General Classification of Accounts - June 2009

Handbook F-3 - Treasury Management (July 2006 - Replaces the Handbook F-5, Banking and Cash Management, and the Handbook F-7, Secure Internet Payment)

Handbook F-6 - Economic Value Added (February 2001)

Handbook F-7 - Secure Internet Payment Policies (October 1999 - Now Obsolete)

Handbook F-8 - General Classification of Accounts (Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through April 10, 2008)

EL-803 - Maintenance Employee's Guide to Safety (May 2006)

EL-804 - Safe Driver Program (Updated Through May 8, 2008)

DMM - Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service (May 12, 2008)

ASM 13 - Administrative Support Manual (Updated With Postal Bulletin Revisions Through January 1, 2009)

Handbook F-101 - Field Accounting Procedures (FAP)

Handbook F-1 - Accounting and Reporting Policy

Cleaning Services Local Buying Agreement Guidelines

Finance Number Control Master User's Guide

F-15-A - Relocation Policy: Nonbargaining EAS Employees (February 2009)

HBK AS 503 - Standard Design Criteria (September 2007)

HBK AS-504 - Space Requirements.

Handbook AS-353 - Guide to Privacy, the Freedom of Information Act, and Records Management.

Handbook AS-709 - Credit Card Policies and Procedures for Local Buying.

Handbook AS-805 - Information Security.

Handbook M-22 - Dispatch and Routing Policies.

POM - Postal Operations Manual.

Handbook M-41 - City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities.

Handbook M-39 - Management of Delivery Services.

Handbook F-21 - Time and Attendance.

Promotion Pay Anomaly 1985-2003

Manual Salary Determination Workbook

Human Resources Information Systems

HRIS Risk Management Reporting System (RMRS) Getting Started Guide

HR Professional's Guide to the PostalEASE Web Application

HRIS Retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, and Reduction In Force RTR Getting Started Guide

F-15 - Travel & Relocation (November 8, 2007)

Handbook PO-401 - Manual Distribution Operating Guidelines.

Handbook EL-312 - Employment and Placement.

Handbook PO-512 - Plant Loading Authorization and Procedures Guidelines.

HBK PO250 - Consumer Answer Book.

HBK AS-550-B - Paper and Paperboard Recycling Plan.

HBK AS-550-A - Paper and Paperboard Recycling Guide.

Handbook AS-303 - Classified National Security Information Program.

Handbook RE-4 - Standards For Facility Accessibility.

EL-804 - Safe Driver Program.

ASM 13 - Administrative Support Manual.

Handbook MS-47 Housekeeping Postal Facilities - This handbook replaces maintenance handbook MS-47, Housekeeping Postal Facilities, and establishes policy and procedures for establishing a building services maintenance program in selected field facilities.

Handbook PO-441 - Rehandling of Mail Best Practices - This initial publication of Handbook PO-441 is intended for postmasters, managers, supervisors, and employees who are responsible for processing return-to-sender, loop mail, missent mail, and missorted mail. This handbook provides the cornerstone to understanding policies and procedures for day-to-day processing of these types of mail. Designed for processing and distribution offices, Post Offices, Computerized Forwarding System (CFS) units, stations, and branches, this handbook was prepared jointly by field and Headquarters personnel.

Handbook PO-440 - Remittance Mail Processing Best Practices.

Handbook PO-602 - Computerized Forwarding System Managers and Supervisors Guide.

Handbook EL-502 - CSRS Retirement Guide.

Handbook DM-103 - The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance to postal employees concerning the documenting and reporting of official mail. Adherence to these procedures will enable the Postal Service to assess and collect the proper amount of postage and to credit revenue to the appropriate post office.

Handbook DM-901 - The procedures in this handbook and the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) constitute the official procedures and requirements for processing Registered Mail . If there is a difference between regulations in this handbook and the DMM, those in the DMM take precedence. Additional requirements for international mail are provided in the International Mail Manual (IMM).

Handbook EL-505 - Handbook EL-505 is a reference for injury compensation control office and control point personnel at postal facilities to manage the USPS Injury Compensation Program.

EL-350 - This new handbook provides detailed procedures for establishing selection requirements for Executive and Adlministrative Schedule (EAS) positions. The procedures and concepts presented here apply to nonbargaining selection procedures and systems covered by Handbook EL-311, Personnel Operations, (except those filled under the Initial Level Supervisor (ILS) and Postmaster selection systems) and to other EAS positions covered by selection procedures which reference this handbook. As appropriate, the handbook is used in conjunction with requirement statements provided by the Office of Selection and Evaluation through the Organization Management Staffing System (OMSS).

NOT426 - The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program permits health insurance enrollment for certain non career (temporary) employees provided these employees meet certain eligibility requirements.

Handbook EL-800 - Handbook EL-800 is a new guide prepared to help facility managers, contracting officers, contracting officers’ representatives, and other enabling function representatives to implement Postal Service policies governing contractors’ compliance
with federal and Postal Service safety and health requirements.

Handbook DM-103 - This is a complete revision of the Appendix for Handbook DM-103, Official Mail. The Appendix, Agency Authorization Codes, contains an updated listing of agencies authorized to participate in the Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS). This revision has been incorporated into the online version of Handbook DM-103 located on the corporate intranet at Subsequent revisions to the Appendix will be published periodically.

Handbook PO-702 - This revised edition of Handbook PO-702, Tort Claims Administration, updates the policy and procedures for investigating, handling documentation, and processing claims pertaining to accidents, both vehicular and non-vehicular, that could
result in tort claims. This handbook replaces the June 1992 edition.

Handbook DM-901 - Handbook DM-901, Registered Mail, has been revised to update the information on policies and procedures related to Registered Mail from the point of acceptance to the point of delivery. These policies and procedures have been revised in
accordance with Transformation Plan efforts to improve the quality, affordability, and convenience of Postal Service products and services.

Handbook EL-801 - This guide emphasizes the day-to-day safety and health responsibilities of line management. It gives direction on determining accident causes, reporting accidents, inspecting work areas, promoting safety and health, and completing job safety analyses. It provides supervisors with the information and techniques needed to support current safety and health policies.

Standard Training Program for City Letter Carriers

Handbook EL-603 - EEO Complaint Processing.

Handbook F-401 - Supervisor's Guide to Scheduling and Premium Pay.

Handbook EL-802 - Executive's and Manager's Safety Compliance Guide.

Handbook El-809 - Guidelines for Area/Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committees.

Handbook EL-809-T - Area/Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committee Training.

Handbook EL-812 - Hazardous Materials and Spill Response.

Handbook EL-814 - Postal Employee's Guide to Safety.

Handbook M-32 - Management Operating Data System (MODS).

Handbook P-5 - Highway Contract Routes - Box Delivery Service.

Handbook PO-610 - Signature Capture and Electronic Record Management: Manager's Guide to Standard Operating Procedures.

Handbook PO-701 - Fleet Management.

Handbook EL-806 - Health and Medical Service.

Handbook EL-810 - OSHA Programs.

Handbook EL-902 - AGREEMENT between the United States Postal Service and National Rural Letter Carriers' Association.

Handbook EL-921 - Supervisor Guide to Handling Grievances.

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