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MI EL-670-2009-7 - Inclusiveness and Diversity Advisory Committees

MI PO-530-2009-4 - Screening Highway Transportation Contractor Personnel

MI EL-890-2009-9 - Recycling Undeliverable Standard Mail, Discarded Lobby Mail, and Other Recyclable Materials

FM-110-2009-2 - Sarbanes-Oxley Policy for System Changes and Systems Freeze Period

EL-310-2009-8 - Telecommuting and Alternate Work Schedule Programs for Headquarters/Headquarters Related Field Units FLSA-Exempt Employees

PO-610-2009-1 - Function 4 Standardized Customer Service Workload Reporting System

EL-660-2009-10 - Limited Personal Use of Government Office Equipment and Information Technology

EL-384-2009-11 - Corporate Succession Planning

MI AS-270-2009-3 - Postal Service Heasdquarters Access Control System

MI AS-730-2009-4 - Management of Printed Materials Inventory

MI DM-707-2009-2 - Compliance with Timely and Complete Postage Statement Entry Requirements

MI EL-340-2009-2 - Reconstructing an Official Personnel Folder

VMO-01-09 Vehicle Modification Order - Repositioning of LLV Right Side Mirrors

MI EL-810-2009-4 - Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Programs

Vehicle Maintenance Bulletin Warranty Claims and Defect Reports -  March 3, 2009 (V-01-09)

EL-860-2009-3 - Scope of the Obligation to Report Allegations of Employee Misconduct

AS-510-2008-6 - Storage and Retrieval of Headquarters Records

MI AS-610-2008-1 - Maintaining a Contact Center Support Agreement

MI AS-300-2009-2 - Advertising Policy and Guidelines

EL-890-2008-2 - National Storage Tank Program: Storage Tank and Bulk Storage Container Management

MI FM-530-2009-1 - Use of Postal Service Vehicles for Home-to-Work Transportation

MI PO-720-95-2 - Alcohol and Drug Testing of Employees With a Commercial Driver's License

MI SP-CS-2009-1 - Conducting Highway Contract Route Surveys

MI PO-420-2008-1 - Loop Mail Program

Vehicle Maintenance Bulletin Data On the 2008 Chevrolet Uplander Minivans (V-01-08)

Vehicle Maintenance Bulletin LLV Frame Inspection (v-02-08)

DM-601-2009-1 - Civil Enforcement Authority for Hazardous Materials

EL-830-2008-5 - Control of Asbestos Exposure from Brake and Clutch Repair

EL-810-2008-4 - Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program

MI FM-640-2008-1 - Expenses for Internal and External Events.

AS-516-2008-1 - Mold Prevention, Assessment, and Remediation.

MI DM-140-2008-1 - Assessing and Collecting Deficiencies in Postage or Fees.

MI AS-850-2003-12 - Field Applications: Development and Retention.

MI EL-384-2006-1 - Corporate Succession Planning.

MI AS 720-93-2 - Management of Supply Item Inventory.

MI FM-530-2001-1 - Use of Postal Vehicles for Home-to-Work Transportation.

MI AS-882-2007-6 - Postal Service Use of Retail and Cell-Phone Cameras.

MI AS-873-2008-1 - Cellular Services.

MI AS-820-2004-6 - The Advanced Computing Environment.

MI AS-550-95-10 - Integrated Pest Management.

MI AS-530-2004-9 - Safety Inspection of Heating Boilers, Unfired Pressure Vessels, Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Platform Lifts, and Chairlifts.

MI AS-510-97-5 - Storage and Retrieval of Headquarters Records.

MI AS-340-2004-1 - How to Communicate With Headquarters Employees.

MI FM-530-2001-3 - Use of Chauffeurs at Headquarters and Designated Drivers in the Field.

Memorandum of Policy COO-10-24-2001-3 - Anthrax Awareness, Protection and Reporting.

Electronic Messaging - This management instruction (MI) establishes policy, standards, and guidelines on the use of Postal Service electronic messaging, or e-mail.

Health Benefits and Life Insurance Coverage During Military Service - This management instruction outlines health benefits and life insurance coverage for Postal Service employees absent on leave without pay (LWOP) to perform active duty military service.

MI EL 510-1994-4 - This management instruction sets forth the policy guidelines and standard procedures for administering the Annual Leave Sharing Program referenced in ELM 512.64.

AS-730-95 - 1 - Management of Directives and Forms Inventory. Management Instruction - This instruction updates the policies, procedures, and responsibilities for stocking, replenishing, and obsoleting the inventory of directives (including manuals and handbooks) and forms stocked at the material distribution centers (MDCs) and issued either at cost or at no cost to end users. (Information on management of directives and forms not stocked at the MDCs is not within the scope of this instruction.)

MI EL 430-90-8 - This Instruction, a revision of MI EL-430-90-2, provides the procedures for processing back pay claims.

EL 810-93-1 - Confined Space Safety Some postal facilities have confined spaces, such as manholes, sewers, pits, sumps, vaults, and tunnels. Some of these spaces may contain hazards that classify them as permit-required confined spaces. This instruction provides policy and guidance to ensure that entry into confined spaces does not threaten employee safety and health, and to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 29 CFR 1910.146, “Permit Required Confined Spaces for General Industry."

MI EL-380-88-5 - This Instruction updates procedures for the preliminary review by the General Counsel of charges seeking the removal or demotion for cause of PCES executives and postmasters.

MI EL-860-98-2 - This instruction, which replaces Chapter 2 of Handbook EL-806, Health and Medical Service, provides guidelines for maintaining the status, availability, organization, and security of employee medical records. These records are essential in the administration of effective services.

MI EL-520-91-2 - This Instruction includes information on Federal Employees’ Health Benefits (FEHB) Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) and is to be used to administer TCC provisions. This document replaces the interim instructions distributed March 22, 1990.

Management Instruction PO-610-2000-1 - This Management Instruction contains the national policies and procedures for recording and reporting daily workload information within post offices and station and branch operations.

MI FM-610-2000-2 - This instruction provides guidance in the handling of documents to ensure prompt payment of debts owed by the Postal Service to suppliers for equipment, supplies, and services. It also gives guidance for handling issues raised by the Prompt Payment Act (PPA) when purchases are made under delegated local buying authority. This instruction applies to all postal installations. Payments made locally rather than through an Accounting Service Center (ASC) are also discussed. This instruction does not replace or supercede policy or procedure contained in the Purchasing Manual (PM) or any other relevant handbooks or manuals.

MI AS-550-95-14 - This management instruction describes the standard environmental and Postal Service policies and guidelines for the recycling of undeliverable mail and establishes policies and guidelines for recycling discarded lobby mail and facility paper waste. Recycling of undeliverable mail can reduce Postal Service waste disposal costs, generate revenue, and improve the corporate image.

Management Instruction PO-680-2001-1 - This instruction provides national procedures for processing requests for special treatment of improperly prepared non-local mail in delivery operations and Computerized Forwarding System (CFS) units. Specifically, this instruction provides procedures for customer requests concerning invalid or unintended ancillary endorsements, unauthorized Address Change Service (ACS) codes, or erroneous ACS code formats.

MI EL-860-2000-7 - The purpose of the Postal Service fitness-for-duty medical assessment is to ascertain whether or not the employee is medically capable of meeting the requirements of his or her job.

MI AS-710-1999-3 - Personal Property Management.

MI AS 720-93-2 - Management of Supply Item Inventory.

MI AS-910-2004-8 - Biohazard Detection System Alert-Postive Test: Evacuation, personal decontamination, and post-exposure prophylaxis.

MI DM-601-05-1 - Hazardous Materials Acceptance and Handling.

Management Instruction EL-350-2007-3 - External Recruitment and Selection for Executive and Administrative Service Positions.

MI EL-350-94-1 - EAS Selection Policies for Filling Headquarters and Headquarters Field Unit Positions.

MI EL-380-2006-2 - Procedures for Proposed Adverse Actions Against EAS Levels 18 and Above and PCES 01 Executives.

MI EL-410-2002-1 - Process for Completing EAS Merit Performance Evaluations and Setting Objectives.

MI EL 430-90-8 - Back Pay.

MI EL 440-82-5 - FLSA Status of a Temporary Employee.

MI EL-510-2003-2 - Annual Leave Sharing Program.

MI EL-520-2005-1 - Health Benefits and Life Insurance Coverage During Military Service.

MI EL-520-91-2 - FEHB: Temporary Continuation of Coverage.

MI EL620961 - Career and Diversity Awareness Conference Guidelines.

MI EL-660-2000-4 - Gifts and Decorations from Foreign Governments.

MI EL-660-97-1 - Financial Disclosure Report Procedures for the U.S. Postal Service.

MI EL-810-2000-2 - Bloodborne Disease Exposure Control Plans.

EL 810-93-1 - MI: Confined Space Safety.

MI EL-860-98-2 - Employee Medical Records.

MI FM-640-2001-4 - Payment for Meals and Refreshments.

MI PO-110-91-1 - Guidelines for Providing Retail Services to Military Installations.

MI PO-730-90-01 - Accident Investigation Tort Claim Activities.

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