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MOU on Residual Vacancies - City Letter Carrier Craft M-01824

NALC's Guide for Branch Newsletter Editors

Shyam Das Award For The 2011 Agreement

2013 Branch 214 Calendar

Branch 214 Year 2012 Budget and By-Law Changes Proposals

NALC Burlingame JARAP Training 2011 Powerpoint

2010 Branch 214 Calendar

2011 Branch 214 Calendar

Contract Talk January 2010 - Workplace Solicitations

Driving Safety Instructors - FLSA Statement

Mirror Adjustment Station for LLV

Safe Driver Program Stakeholders Tabletop Exercise

Safety Managers Guide to the Safety Toolkit

Best Practice Submission Utilizing a Scanning Point for a Mirror Station

Requirements to Operate Motor Vehicles

Clerks Converted to City Carrier Positions (Q & A)

FY 2010 PEGs and Accident Reduction Plans (11-20-09)

How to Cure the Extreme Reach Injury - PowerPoint Presentation

Whiplash Injury Safety Moment - PowerPoint Presentation

Driving USPS 4X4 Vehicles - PowerPoint Presentation

Safe Driver Program - Responding to Union, Litigant, and Grievant Requests (June 11, 2009)

Letter Carrier Pay Schedule Effective November 21, 2009

Retirement Counseling On the Clock (M-01708)

Early Out Incentive Option

EAP Resources for Military Employees

SF Newsbreak FSS Deployement 82409

SF Newsbreak Phase 3 RIF Updated

SF Newsbreak BMC to become NDC

NRP (National Reassessment Program) Settlement M-01706

Limited Duty Pilot Program - An article from the latest issue of Branch 2902's "The Mailbag News".

Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process (MIARAP) PowerPoint Presentation (May 5, 2009)

Memorandum of Agreement Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process (M-01703)

EEO Admin Judge Decision - San Francisco Letter Carrier Billie Eyeball Versus USPS

Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process - 2009 (M01702)

Create A Job Candidate Profile Today

NALC Transitional Employees Questions and Answers (42) - (M-01701)

Employee Time Card Control SOP

No FEAR Act Notice

Contract Talk March 2009 - Revocation or Suspension of Driver's License

SF District Monday Zero OT

Grievance Arbitration Tracking System Enhancement (GATS)

Welcome to the Grievance Arbitration Tracking System

Six Day Statement

New FMLA Poster

Reissue - handling a Traumatic Injury - SOP

M-01695 - Memorandum of the New Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process

M-01694 - Assignment of City Delivery

San Francisco NALC-USPS Partners In Safety Training (Powerpoint Presentation)

Employee Free Choice Act

Early Out (VERA) Information

Planning And Executing An Effective Pivot Plan (Powerpoint Presentation)

Labor Relations Pivoting City Delivery

Myers FSS Shelving DPS (Powerpoint Presentation)

VERA Question and Answer

Flat Sorter Machine - DPS Flats

M-01712 Article 19 - ELM Section 420 Does Not Supersede National Agreement

District SOP for Reverting/Withholding F2 and F4 Positions (November 24, 2009)

Carrier Vacancy Flowchart

Contract Talk December 2009 - Assignment of New Delivery

F-2 VACATED POSITIONS - San Francisco District Process for Reversion and Withholding (New)

F-4 VACATED POSITIONS - San Francisco District Process for Reversion and Withholding (New)

Route Information Card - Instructions for Data Gathering and Posting (October 2009) - PowerPoint Presentation

Request for Multiple Delivery Point (M) and Request to Turn on DPS Hi-Rise (by address)

Edit Book Instructors Power Point Presentation - Fiscal Year 2010

Edit Books Update (November 18, 2009 (Revision #3))

3M Labels With Blank Routes

Letter Carrier Pay Schedule Effective November 21, 2009

Contract Talk November 2009 - PS Form 2488 - Do Not Patronize

CSALC Saxsenmeier Scholarship Application 2010 (Fillable)

Compensation Department (October 2009) - Infectious Diseases

Contract Talk October 2009 - An Old Provision Resurrected

NALC Activist July 2009

VOE Stand-up Talk - Good Business

VOE Stand-Up Talk - Communication

Pacific Area Serious Accident Reporting Criteria (ELM 822)

Pacific Area Withholding of Residual Assignments - Amended Letter (11/4/08)

Pacific Area Withholding of Residual Assignments (8/11/2008)

EAP Resources for Military Employees

Retirement Counseling On the Clock - (M-01708)

Contract Talk September 2009 - Separation for Disqualification of 'Letter Carriers'

GSA FY 2009 Per Diem Rates California

Contract Talk August 2009 - Medical Information An Employer Can Obtain Under Amended FMLA Regulations

Accuracy of Delivery Campaign (Consumer Affairs 2004) - PowerPoint Presentation

Delivery 2009 Strategies (09-11-08) - PowerPoint Presentation

LOT (Line of Travel) Request to Change Delivery Pattern Approval Form

LOT (Line of Travel) Request to Change Delivery Pattern Work Sheet

Glossary of Terms

Pacific Area Delivery AMS Quality Database Reviews Addendum (11-6-2007)

SOP - (#SF03-B) Delivery Address Reporting (Edit Books Update - November 30, 2007 Revision #2)

Case Deviation Form

Carrier Interview Log

Address Quality Improvement Process Head Quarters Memo (July 20, 2007)

AQIP (Address Quality Improvement Process) Street Review Tally Worksheets

Contract Talk July 2009 - Notice of Proposed Removal

Contract Talk June 2009 - Withholding and Excessing

Contract Talk May 2009 - TE's Working in Lieu of PTF's

Street Management Module 1 - Overview - Achieving Results (FY 2007) - PowerPoint Presentation

Street Management Module 2 - Supervision of the Process Postmaster/Station Manager (FY 2007) - PowerPoint Presentation

Street Management Module 3 - Review and Documentation (FY 2007) - PowerPoint Presentation

Street Management Module 4 - Address Quality Improvement Process for Delivery (FY 2007) - PowerPoint Presentation

Function Four Element Descriptions (F4 LDC) (September 15, 1999)

DOIS Frequently Asked Questions (January 2006)

Container Conversion Rates (October 1, 2008)

Parcel Return Service (PRS) Return Delivery Unit (RDU) Scanning Procedures

Parcel Return Service SOP (February 14, 2007)

NALC Rap Session CAU Workshop April 2009 Presentation (PowerPoint)

CAU/City Delivery Workshop (NALC Rap Session April 24-26, 2009)

OSHA on Site - When OSHA Drops by for Coffee


Required Safety Activities

ORNA How To Instructions - PowerPoint Presentation

Branch 214 New Steward Training Book

Contract Talk April 2009 - The Department of Labor's New FMLA Regulations

Sexual and Workplace Harassment Prevention (USPS Service Talk Course #21201-34)

Dog Bite Prevention - Course Number 19101-63 (PowerPoint Presentation)

USPS Service Talks - Strategies for Improving Customer and Workplace Effectiveness (September 29, 2004)

3M Service Talk (January 29, 2009)

Tool #1: Step-By-Step Misdelivery Complaint Actions


Volume Conversion Chart

Pacifica Area Operating Instructions (PAOI) 2008 DPS Improvement (Managers Roles and Responsibilities Related to DPS Improvement)

Carriers Service Talk - Managed Service Point (MSP)

Daily Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for MSP

Mail Endorsement Categories

Pivoting Versus On-Time Scans


SOP - Delivery Unit Handling Procedures for Back Flowing Mail

SOP - Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process Delivery Unit Handling Procedures for Hand-Off Mail

Activist March 2009

Contract Talk March 2009 - Revocation or Suspension of Driver's License

DOIS Management SOP

PAOI Zero Bundle Prevention-Investigation - District Response

Zero Investigation Checklist

Stay or Go Parcel Return Services: Should It Stay or Should It Go? - PowerPoint Slide

DOIS Quality Assessment - PowerPoint Presentation

DOIS Quality Assessment Ranking Process - PowerPoint Presentation

MSP Primer - Using MSP

MSP Reports

MSP Training - PowerPoint Presentation

MSP Missing Lunch - PowerPoint Presentation

Recreate Pivot Plan - PowerPoint Presentation

PO Box Committed Mail - PowerPoint Presentation

The Daily Scan - PowerPoint Presentation

Fact Sheet #28: The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Fact Sheet #28A: The Family and Medical Leave Act Military Family Leave Entitlements

Fact Sheet #44: Visits to Employers

DOL's Final Rule on Family Medical Leave Act Providing Military Family Leave and Updates to the Regulations

Military Family Leave Provisions of the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About the Revisions to the Family and Medical Leave Act

NALC Activist November 2007

Dispute Resolution Process - Joint Questions and Answers

USPS Unit Review Manual


Vehicle Maintenance Bulletin

Garrity and Kalkines

3 Way Fit - Structure, Purpose, and Resources (PowerPoint Slide)

Union Rights vs Management Rights 1997 (Bookmarked)

Letter Carrier Pay Schedule 2006-2011 National Agreement

Leave Control Made Simple - A Postal Supervisors Quick Reference Guide

Delivery SOP

Vacant Route SOP

LDC 23 new definition

SF Flextime Agreement September 17, 1991

Employee Verification Through the Work Number (Nov 2007)

Union Rights vs Management Rights 1997

Bereavement Leave Memo - (Additional Information - Bereavement Leave)

The Hatch Act and Federal Employees

Hatch Act - Political Activity and the Postal employee

Obama versus McCain on letter carrier issues

Settlement of Certain EEO Complaints Memo

Personnel Cooling Fans Memo (2002)

Safety Memo (Patrick Donahoe)

Stand Up Talk National Reassessment Process

Sexual Harassment What It Is and What Managers Must Do

Protection of Sensitive and Critical Information

Policy for Reporting of Delayed Standard Mail Into The Mail Condition Reporting System

National Color Code Policy For Standard Mail

NALC - Golden Gate Branch 214 By-Laws

Branch 214 Calendar Year 2008

Branch 214 Calendar Year 2009

Human Resources Shared Services Phase 2 and Looking For Employment Verification?

USPS Weingarten Rights Card

Bowling Letter - Safety Related Discipline

Tracking Requests for Information

Vehicle Operators SOP

Signature, petition holding off

Petition, soliciting signatures

5 Days Admin Leave For Active Military Employees' Return To Duty

Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Procedures for reporting a traumatic injury authorizing Continuation Of Pay (COP)

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment Policy Statement

Compensation Update March 24, 2004

Arbitration Award Barring Management Letters

Intimidation of DRT Members

Joint Statement of Expectations (M-1492)

Arbitration Award Compliance (M-1517)

Memo On National Day Observance

Line 21 vs 22 for 3996

San Francisco PreArbitration Decision - Wearing of T-Shirt in the Office

Article 41 and 2.8 of the LMOU (T-6 Carriers) - San Francisco - Regional PreArbitration Settlement

Holiday Ethics For Postal Employees 2007

Gift Guidelines

M01693 - Penalty Overtime Exclusion

M01643 - FSS Implementation - 09/11/2007

M01644 - FSS Work Methods - 09/11/2007

M01665 - Flat Sequencing System (FSS) Impact - 07/30/2007

M01646 - Mutual Exchanges - 09/11/2007

M01647 - District Safety Committees Pilot Program - 09/11/2007

M01648 - Article 15 DRP - 09/11/2007

M01649 - Arbitration Task Force - 09/11/2007

M01650 - Article 17.7.D - Payroll Deductions/Allotments - 09/11/2007

M01651 - Article 32 Committee - 09/11/2007

M01652 - Subcontracting - 09/11/2007

M01653 - Subcontracting MOU Issues - 09/11/2007

M01654 - Alternate Route Evaluation Process - 09/11/2007

M01655 - Customer Connect Program - 09/11/2007

M01656 - Leave Sharing - 09/11/2007

M01657 - Sick Leave for Dependent Care - 09/11/2007

M01658 - Local Implementation - 09/11/2007

M01660 - Subcontracting - List of 3,071 City Delivery Offices

M01661 - Carrier Optical Routing (COR) - 07/30/2007

M01662 - S-999 Mail - 07/30/2007

M01663 - Pre-Sequenced Addressed Mail as a Third Bundle - 07/30/2007

M01664 - Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS) - 07/30/2007

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