San Francisco District Policies and SOP's

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IVR For Requesting Unscheduled Leave

Large Personal Items on the Workroom Floor

SF District Policy on Diversity

Displaying Postal IDs

English Speaking Policy

Timely Submission of Injury Comp Claim Forms

Authority Limits and Procedures for Settlement of Employment Disputes and Collective Bargaining Grievance Settlements

Informal A Grievance Handlling Maximum Monetary Authorization

Reissuance - Cellular Telephone Policy

Reissuance - Employee Safety Rights and Responsibilities

Reissuance - English Speaking Policy

Reissuance - Displaying Postal IDs

Reissuance - SF District Policy on Diversity

Reissuance - Safety Policy Statement

Reissuance - Large Personal Items on the Workroom Floor

Injured Employee: New Injuries and/or Receipt of New Medical SOP (December 11, 2009)

District SOP for Reverting/Withholding F2 and F4 Positions (November 24, 2009)

Delivery Management In Our Current Environment (DOIS Utilization) - PowerPoint Presentation

Edit Book Instructors Power Point Presentation - Fiscal Year 2010

F-2 VACATED POSITIONS - San Francisco District Process for Reversion and Withholding (New)

F-4 VACATED POSITIONS - San Francisco District Process for Reversion and Withholding (New)

Edit Books Update (November 18, 2009 (Revision #3))

Diversity Policy 2010 (October 1, 2009)

Pacific Area Serious Accident Reporting Criteria (ELM 822)

Pacific Area Withholding of Residual Assignments - Amended Letter (11/4/08)

Pacific Area Withholding of Residual Assignments (8/11/2008)

Early Out Incentive Option

Mail Prep Guidelines - San Francisco District (Updated 8/07/2009)

Growth Management Tool - Pacific Area Delivery Establishment, Extension and Conversion Guidelines

Station and Branch Optimization Process Standup Talk - San Francisco

San Francisco District Official Travel (With Travel Request and Schedule Form & GSA FY 2009 California Per Diem Rates)

CPMS (Collection Point Management System) Training Guide (July 2008) -PowerPoint Presentation

LOT (Line of Travel) Request to Change Delivery Pattern Approval Form

LOT (Line of Travel) Request to Change Delivery Pattern Work Sheet

Carrier Interview Log (AMS/Redbook Coordinator)

San Francisco District Case Configuration Deviation Authorization Request Form

Pacific Area Delivery AMS Quality Database Reviews Addendum (11-6-2007)

San Francisco District Caller Service SOP (October 13, 2008)

SOP - (#SF03-B) Delivery Address Reporting (Edit Books Update - November 30, 2007 Revision #2)

Facility Security Issues (December 21, 2007)

Revised National Color Code Policy (April 7, 2009)

District SOP on Reversion of F2 and F4 Positions (September 29, 2008)

Priority Mail Marketing Campaign (May 7, 2009)

EAS Craft Tracking

City Delivery Volume Recording Guidelines (October 1, 2008)

Collection Box Out Of Service Form

Collection Density Check Form


Hot Case Procedures - SOP #OS-96-5 (December 14, 2004)

Employee Time Card Control SOP

SF District Monday Zero OT

Step 1 Informal A Grievance Handling 10 3 08

Step 1 Grievance Decisions (2006)

USPS NewsBreak - Backing Vehicle Can Be Deadly Decision (Aug 2008)

SOP - SF 01C Mail Preparation - Revision (September 2008)

SOP 3M SF06-C- 3 M Case Procedures-DPS Error Reporting to Web Site

District SOP for the Processing and Delivery of Express Mail

Delivery of Sequenced Mail Memo (2005)

Zero Tolerance Policy For Acts Or Threats Of Violence 06/13/2008

Advance Sick Leave Requests

AWOL Unauthorized Extended Absences

Conduct and Discipline

Displaying Postal Identification

Action Plan For Threats And Assaults



PS Form 3971 Submissions

Reassignment of Former Supervisors

Safety Review Form

SF Newsbreak Cell Phone Law

Threat Assessment Team

Uniform Policy

Mail Preparation - Revision

Request for Permanent Light Duty-Standard Operation Procedure

Management of Light Duty Requests

SF Postmaster Memo On Professional Conduct

SF District English Speaking Policy

Policy Statement on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identification, and Gender Stereotyping

Sexual Harassment

Workplace Harassment Fact-Finding Policy and Procedures

English Official Business Language of USPS (Second Reminder)

Cellular Phone Usage

2003 Updates Safety SOP's for Vehicles

MOPS Timeline for Delivery of Political Mail


Military Leaves

English Speaking Policy

VOE Work Place Relationship 1998

Violence In Workplace SF District

SF District Zero Tolerance (Reissuance)

SF District Zero Tolerance (Reinforced) 2000

SF District Workplace Behavior

SF District Subject Sexual Harassment

SF District Conduct & Discipline

SF District Action Plan for Threats & Assaults

Light Duty SOP SF

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