CCAs and TEs

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City Carrier Assistant (CCA's) Annual Uniform Allowance

City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) - Questions and Answers

Negotiated Rights for CCAs by EVP Karen Eshabarr

NALC Transitional Employees Questions and Answers (42) - (M-01701)

Annual Leave for PTR, PTF AND TE

Authorization Letter - TE Uniform

Compensation Programs Applicable to Transitional Employees

Not426 - FEHB Health Benefits Coverage for Noncareer Employees

TE Memo 2007

TE Award

TE Questions and Answers M01632

Understanding TEs - Postal Record - December 2007

TE 5-Day Break In Service

TE Uniform Allowances

M01633 - TE Questions & Answers

M01639 - Separability and Duration - 10/09/2007

M01640 - Article 7.1 - 09/11/2007

M01641 - Transitional Employees - Additional Provisions - 09/11/2007

M01642 - Transitional Employees (Flat Sequencing System) - 09/11/2007

M01659 - Transitional Employee Employment Opportunities 09/11/2007

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